• Billy Ong

Why Defects Check is a MUST for New Properties

I was with a client a few days back when he just collected his keys to a brand new condo. As we entered the studio apartment, the house seems to be in good shape!

For those that might not know, a developer will offer up to a period of one year for new home owners to submit any defects for rectification. The management would then send someone down to inspect the reported defects before any repair works is carried out.

From our own inspection, there was only a visible crack on a wall near the front door and everything else seems to be perfect.

We couldn't be so wrong.

Luckily, my agency partners with an interior design company that provides free defects check for properties.

I helped to arrange for the interior designer to come down and help my client to conduct a defects check for his property.

Guess how many defects were found in a short amount of time?

We didn't even bother to take photos of all of them because there were just too many!

Defects included hollow tiles, uneven plastering, cracks and many more.

Problems like hollow tiles may lead to bigger issues in the future if the problem is not solved.

Needless to say, we had to delay the tenancy until the management fixes all these issues.

Sometimes, things are just better to be done by experts rather than ourselves. If you have a new property coming up, let me know and I can hook you up with a free defects check as well!



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